Briz de Mar

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Briz de Mar is the third in a series of multi-sensory comic book experiments, and is available as a 12page riso-printed booklet, with a soundtrack pressed to clear 7" vinyl or as a digital download link. The comic is stocked at; Gosh! comics in London and Materia Prime, A Garagem and Senhora Presidenta in Porto.

The visual style focuses on illustrating textures in order create impressions of emotions that transcend beyond narrative and representational imagery. The illustrated panels, in tern, follow the story of a romance between a sphere and a triangulated pyramid. The two shapes interact with each other throughout the book, changing and melding, evaporating and intertwining. Each of these changes of states of matter provoke an emotion in the reader, reminiscent of past loves.

The projects sound element is the result of an investigation into the pacing of sequential art, which has an inherent musical and rhythmic nature. The artists wanted to create abstract comics with musical accompaniments in order to bridge the gap between the two mediums. The soundtrack takes cues from alien dancehall, classic waltzes and 90s drum and bass, and pairs morphing melodies with rhythmically-placed foley. It musically and emotionally guides the reader, subconsciously hinting at when to turn the page. Certain shapes are correlated to respective sounds, visual textures are wedded to sonic atmospheres, and the rhythm follows the pace of the panelling.

The goal of each edition is for the reader to be so submerged in the work that they read along at the precise, intended pace it was drawn and scored.

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